a diverse, colorful and easy-going Hoian

It is hard to find anywhere in Vietnam that is as diverse, colorful and easy-going as Hoi An. For hundred of years, it has remained the same, sitting on the banks of the Hoai river, with its ancient mossy roofs and peaceful pace of life. Hoi An is extremely safe place for solo traveler, but you wont be lonely in this ancient city. You can roam the streets, try dozens of the city’s specialties, or sit for hours in a small café to watch flower lanterns float across the river.

On a typical day in Hoi An, you will wake to the sounds of bells from the trishows on the streets. You can visit a small restaurant and enjoy the famous Quang noodle before touring the streets in the early morning. Follow the river the head to the Cua Dai to enjoy the sun and the wind, and visit Tam Thanh fishing village on the coast of central Vietnam. The small homes withstand many storms each year but still are always filled with laughter. Coastal people are generous, the will spend hours showing you around their village. They will show you every mosaic on their walls, and tell you about their boats, the sea, the nets and the storms of the past year.

How to get there

Many people fly to Da Nang because its is easier to find cheap tickets. You can driver your car or ride your motorbike from Hanoi or HO Chi Minh city to Hoi An. In Hoi An you can  rent a motorbike or bicycle to tour around the city, Tham Thanh village, and the surrounding areas.

Where to stay

In Da Nang and Hoi An, ther are many hostels, hotels and cute little home stays tha you can book remarkably cheaply. You can sleep in bunk beds in a hostels room, camp o the beach, or even sleep at a local’s home along the route. There no hotels in Tam Thanh village, but the hospitable people here will welcome you into their homes and shower you with stories of their lives on the ocean.

What to eat

There are many specialties for you to try: there are literally dozens of kinds of  seafood in Da Nang and also banh mi hoi An, Quang noodles, Dap cake, chicken served with rice and barbecue pork with noodles.

a diverse, colorful and easy-going Hoian

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