Four seasons of travel: winter

Travelling cross-country in the winter is the best way to experience all the tastes and colors of the tropics. From the frosty Sapa or Mau Son, to the cool weather in Central Vietnam, the cool temperature is ideal for a walk on the streets of Hoi An. If you want something new, bathe in the hot springs in Le Thuy, Quang Vinh among the pristine forests. Manipulating the currents of the hot Ban Stream and the cool ban Stream created the hot spring bath. The temperature of the bath ranges from 40 to 45 degrees Celsius and is suitable for bathing, relaxing and healing.

Following the sunny coastal roads of Central Vietnam, visit magnificent Sai Gon before heading to the Mekong Delta in the West. If you don’t like the cold, this is the perfect destination to travel along the rivers and experience the local culture. The flood season here is famous for specialties like mud carp, river hemp and dozens of fresh fruits. “Winter” here lasts from December to January and is filled with colorful flowers.

Around Lunar New Year, visit Sadec City (Dong Thap) and buy some flowers from the boats along the Tien River. This charming riverside city is decorated with fields of flowers, blooming just in time for Tet. Following the small roads, you can enjoy some specialties, or you can visit the house of “The Lover” Huynh Thuy Le to learn about the love story between a French girl and a Sadec boy nearly a century ago. This story was adapted into the film “L’Aman”, which won many international awards. Don’t forget to visit the tangerine-farming region of La Vung, dubbed”the kingdom of tangerines and take a walk in a tangerine garden, or travel on a small boat along the river decorated with ripe tangerines.

Between Dong Thap to Kien Giang, visit Ta Pa Lake or pass U Minh Forest to reach Ca Mau Cape – the country’s Southernmost region. This will surely be a warm winter if you travel by boat along the Mekong Delta, visit the floating market, enjoy local specialties and listen to traditional music.

Time does not wait for any one, you wont be you a second time, But you can enjoy life by travelling every season because to travel is to be alive.

four seasons of travel, winter

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