Sung Sot (amazing) Grotto, a

Sung Sot Grotto Situated in the center of the UNESCO-declared World Heritage area – Ha Long Bay, Sung Sot (Surprise) Grotto is on Bo Hon Island,  covering area of 10,000m² in Bo Hon Island, Sung Sot Grotto with thousands of stalactites is one of the finest and widest caves in Ha Long Bay which were...

Sapa, an incredibly natural beauty

Sapa Although it is no longer home to only dreamy villas built by French colonials during the last century, Sapa still an attractive tourist attraction in Vietnam. Located in Hoang Lien Son mountain range with tis chilly weather and majestic moutains, Sapa is home to many ethnic groups and diverse...

As summer turns to fall, the terraced rice fields turn gold in the sunshine

Currently dreaming of cool weather in the city of clouds, admire gold terraced rice fields, moving your fingers in clouds, walking in the clouds each morning? As summer turns to fall, the terraced rice fields turn gold in the sunshine, H’mong women dress in colorful clothing cheerfully collect their...

15 best places in Vietnam, how many of them have you checked in?

#1. Ha Giang   #2.Sa Pa The small town of Sapa has been a favorite place of many tourists for years for its beautiful landscape, cool weather, friendly and hospitable locals, being authentic and peaceful. If the weather permits, you can climb Fanxipan mountain, the roof of Indochina. #3. Hanoi...

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